*New Mutation* Chimera (Lioden)

Since I started college last August, my friends and I would often talk about Chimeras and how they were interesting since they are basically there own twin. The mutation is still relatively new; This extremely rare and interesting genetic condition.This anomaly is thought to be caused by the absorption, or fusing, of twins before they are born. This would cause the chimera to carry two sets of DNA in their body. One set of their DNA and one that would have been their twin’s DNA. This second set of DNA can show up anywhere in the body. A second, distinct set of DNA may be present in the skin, blood, or even reproductive organs of the chimera. You might of heard or seen pictures of a cat named Venus the two faced cat who shocked the web with her unique coloring.Now imagine are lionesses giving birth to a cub who’s right side was Mongoose and other Fiery, of course they would grow up to live healthy long lives.The Chimera mutation is estimated at 98–99% sometimes showing signs of mutation other times looking completely normal with no sign of mutation.But of course this would make the chance of getting a mutation a lot easier; the chance of Chimera would be lowered to 25 percent.

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