Spirit Animal: Eagle

In October a friend of mine who is a Wiccan Priestess, told me that my spirit animal is an Eagle. At first I was really confused and didn’t really know what she meant until I looked up the meaning. People who’s spirit animal is an Eagle are wise, loyal, courageous, faithful, free spirited, independent, insightful, powerful and leaders. Which I could really relate to and made me feel good that my spirit animal was the Eagle.

“In Native American lore eagles are represented in numerous artifacts and legends. It is sometimes referred to as the Thunderbird and is present throughout North American Indian legends. Its feathers were given as great prizes, and some tribes considered it to be the Great Spirit itself. It was said that if you saw an eagle while you were praying or participating in a ceremony, your prayers would be answered. Some tribes believed that the eagle carried prayers directly to the great creator and so used their feathers in a great number of healing ceremonies.

In Celtic and Gaelic cultures Eagles were often depicted as protectors, symbolized courage, and were revered for their powers of sight. Two Eagles are said to protect the tomb of King Arthur, and Eagles are sometimes associated with the Death God Beli.” http://alltotems.com/eagle-spirit-meaning-symbols-and-totem/


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