Love Never Dies

Snow stained in blood, is how the love story of Christine Daae and Erik Deslter tragically ended. Through there love was still in bloom, it was as if they were made for each other; and in the end they died in each other’s arms.
“L-Look…Erik it’s snowing” Christine muttered under her breathe

Her once warm body was now cold, her eyes gave of a tired appearance; her skin pale like the snow falling from the sky. He knew that she wouldn’t be with him much longer, the infection has spread and once it hit her heart she would be dead. All he could do was hold her in his arms, for she was his and only his.
“Erik, I love you” Christine said weakly
“I’ve always loved you Christine” Erik said plainly
“That makes me happy” she said softly
Soon silence felt the air, Erik looked down at Christine in his arms. Her expression was peaceful in calm, knowing that she was able to confess her love and now she could die happily.
“Christine?” Erik said softly
she didn’t response; he gently stroked her arm trying to awaken her. All her warmth had left her body, she was nothing more than an empty vassal.
“Christine, please wake up” Erik said in a worried tone
He began shaking her light body, wanting her to open her brown eyes. He felt tears fall from his lashes, as laid her down in his lap. He gently grasped her wrist, checking for a pulse. Even if it were weak he would know she was alive.
“N-no….Christine…Christine don’t leave me!” Erik choked out
He held onto her lifeless body, stroking her long brown hair. The love of his life was gone and without her, he had no reason to live. He reached for his semi-automatic pistol, slowly placing the gun toward his head. This was the only way they could be together.
“Mrh?” moaned the young woman
“Christine?”  Erik said softly
The young brunette slowly rose from his arms, her skin unnaturally pale and eerie. She swayed from side to side, she seemed surreal. Erik placed to gun away from his head, how had she survived the infection. That’s when he had remembered; once the victim is bitten they become one of them….the living dead…a zombie. The young brunette turned in his direction, her eyes colorless and cold.
“No..Christine” Erik whispered under his breathe
“Graaaagh!” The brunette yelled out
Erik stumbled backwards; avoiding the reach of his once beloved Christine. He pointed his gun at her head, ready to put her on of her misery. He looked into her cold eyes, and dropped his weapon.
“Oh Christine, I can’t..I can’t kill you” Erik whispered
The brunette made her attack again, this time sinking her jaws into his arm.The warm blood oozed out his hand, as he tried getting free from her. She let go only to bite once again, this was how it was going to end. Erik felt himself start to spill away; he had lost too much blood.
“Christine?” said a familiar voice
Erik vision was blurry, but he could make out the man’s figure; it was Raoul and Meg, they had survived the attack from the opera populaire. He pointed his shotgun at Christine ready to aim.
Christine’s body collapsed onto Erik.
“Raoul, why didn’t you shoot her in the head?” Meg whispered
He pointed his gun at Erik, who embraced Christine and gently kissed her pale lips.
“I’ll take care of everything, once he passes away” Raoul said softly
“Christine, I love y-“Erik said with his last breathe before his eyes rolled back

~ The End~


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