Brother got hurt.

So a couple hours ago, everyone was celebrating my grandma’s birthday when we heard my brother yelling out “Mom help!” from his bedroom. His voice become louder and louder, and my mom went to check on him noticing his finger was caught between his bikes chain and sprocket. My mom and grandma were both panicked, as my grandpa tried to free his finger. My dad finally was asleep and woke when he heard my brother screaming bloody murder, and helped remove his finger. My brother’s finger was bleeding and bruised, my mom ended up taking him to the E.R because he was in so much pain. I’m really worried about my little brother and hope it’s nothing serious.



His finger has a minor fracture.




The Future of Equestria

Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry
Rainbow Dash and Soarin’
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Rarity and Fancy Pants
Apple Jack and Caramel
Fluttershy and Discord
Derpy and Dr.Hooves
Cheerilee and Big Mac
Shining Armor and Cadence
Spike and Ember

Sweetie Bell and Rumble
Tender taps and Apple Bloom
Feather weight and Scootloo

CMC cutie marks:
Scootloo’s talented would be extreme sports  involving her scooter; she might not be the strongest or fastest Pegasus in the sky, but she is the fastest pony on a scooter.

Apple Bloom talented involves carpentry and  building construction; when she becomes a young adult she leaves sweet apple acre’s to start her internship in Filly Delphia.

Sweetie Bell’s talented involves entertainment such a singing,dancing etc. ; Rarity encourages her little sister to follow her dreams, which lends her to Manehatten who get’s discovered  by Sapphire Shores.

Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry have a daughter named Harmonia.She is the only child of princess Twilight Sparkle and her husband Flash Sentry, she born a couple years after Triek was defeated and  Twilight fully grew into her alicorn body. She spends most of time in the garden either reading books or drawings. Through she is a princess she hates being pampered and treated differently;  she is a free spirit and enjoys traveling equestria with her parents.   Her love interest is Blitz.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ have a boy and girl, named Blitz and Rainy Daze; Blitz is the eldest out of the siblings and hope’s to become a wonderbolt like his parents, everyday he trains hard to become faster and stronger.Rainy Daze unlike her brother wants to become a animal caretaker like her aunt fluttershy, she is a girly girl and spends most of her time with her mother napping on clouds.

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have triple girls name Cherry,Apple and Bumble Berry Pie. All three girls share their parent’s passion comedy and parties, they are the youngest of the mane six’s children. They are know trouble makers and often get scolded by Pinkie.

Rarity and Fancy Pants have a a daughter  named Amethyst ; she’s a couple years older than the tri-pies and together they make up the new CMC’s. Through she finds the triples a pain in the rear,they are her closest friends and attends all their parties.She has her mother’s mane color and her father’s eyes. she is often surrounded by paparazzi when she is out with his parents.

Sadly Applejack is unable to conceive babies of her own, so instead they adopted a couple children. Money Shot and Honey Heart are Applejack and Caramel’s children. Money Shot is a handsome young colt who has a passion for filming and taking photos , while Honey Heart is a shy filly who is glued to her mother’s side every waking moment.

Fluttershy and Discord have twin daughters named Screwball and Eris; both of fillies inherited their father’s sense of humor and powers. Screwball the oldest of twins is more leveled headed and understands when ponies have had enough,unlike her sister Eris who has no self control. Both girls enjoy  causing chaos with their father,and often get scolded for it later by Fluttershy.

Derpy and Dr. Hooves  raised Dinky together, through she is not the his daughter he still love’s her like his own. It wasn’t until Dinky was a teenager when her mother gave birth to a colt whom they named Time Turner; his parent’s pet name for him is Timey Whimey. Through he is still a baby his family see’s great potential in him and Dinky can’t get enough of her little brother an is often foal sitting him.

Cheerlie and Big Mac have a daughter named Apple Blossom. she’s one of those ponies that always stand by (figuratively) the teacher and mentioning their good deeds subtly where the teacher can overhear.Because of that many other ponies find her quite annoying except for Honey Heart and Amethyst.Other than being a teacher’s pet, she is a hard worker like her father and help’s doing her cousins chores.

Shining Armor and Cadence have a daughter named Skylar and a son named Charming. Skylar is the oldest child of Cadence and Shining Armor, an unlike her cousin Harmonia she enjoys being pampered; through once in awhile she enjoys some quiet time,which she spends time painting.She rarely get’s to she cousin but when she gets the chance,they can’t be separated.Charming is much younger than his sister and doesn’t enjoy the perks of being prince, he rather rough it out and be like every other colt.Charming’s dream is to become a high ranked royal guard like his father.

Eris is destined to over throw her father and become the queen chaos and  strife, whom will be later known to some as Discordia. But her reign of chaos won’t last, it was foreseen that Harmonia princess of harmony and concord will challenge her power. A great war between harmony and chaos will last 10 years.In which Harmonia with help of the elements of harmony defeat Eris turning her into stone. Bring peace and joy back to Equestria.

Body Measurement

Bust: 36 inches

Waist Size: 34 inches

Hip Size: 43 inches

Body Shape: Pear



Current Weight: 152 lbs.

Goal Weight: 120 lbs.

Goal Date:  July/15/2016

Weight Loss Plan: Calorie Counting and Portion Control

Calories per day: 1,200

Glasses of water: 14 per day


Wish me luck.


Love Never Dies

Snow stained in blood, is how the love story of Christine Daae and Erik Deslter tragically ended. Through there love was still in bloom, it was as if they were made for each other; and in the end they died in each other’s arms.
“L-Look…Erik it’s snowing” Christine muttered under her breathe

Her once warm body was now cold, her eyes gave of a tired appearance; her skin pale like the snow falling from the sky. He knew that she wouldn’t be with him much longer, the infection has spread and once it hit her heart she would be dead. All he could do was hold her in his arms, for she was his and only his.
“Erik, I love you” Christine said weakly
“I’ve always loved you Christine” Erik said plainly
“That makes me happy” she said softly
Soon silence felt the air, Erik looked down at Christine in his arms. Her expression was peaceful in calm, knowing that she was able to confess her love and now she could die happily.
“Christine?” Erik said softly
she didn’t response; he gently stroked her arm trying to awaken her. All her warmth had left her body, she was nothing more than an empty vassal.
“Christine, please wake up” Erik said in a worried tone
He began shaking her light body, wanting her to open her brown eyes. He felt tears fall from his lashes, as laid her down in his lap. He gently grasped her wrist, checking for a pulse. Even if it were weak he would know she was alive.
“N-no….Christine…Christine don’t leave me!” Erik choked out
He held onto her lifeless body, stroking her long brown hair. The love of his life was gone and without her, he had no reason to live. He reached for his semi-automatic pistol, slowly placing the gun toward his head. This was the only way they could be together.
“Mrh?” moaned the young woman
“Christine?”  Erik said softly
The young brunette slowly rose from his arms, her skin unnaturally pale and eerie. She swayed from side to side, she seemed surreal. Erik placed to gun away from his head, how had she survived the infection. That’s when he had remembered; once the victim is bitten they become one of them….the living dead…a zombie. The young brunette turned in his direction, her eyes colorless and cold.
“No..Christine” Erik whispered under his breathe
“Graaaagh!” The brunette yelled out
Erik stumbled backwards; avoiding the reach of his once beloved Christine. He pointed his gun at her head, ready to put her on of her misery. He looked into her cold eyes, and dropped his weapon.
“Oh Christine, I can’t..I can’t kill you” Erik whispered
The brunette made her attack again, this time sinking her jaws into his arm.The warm blood oozed out his hand, as he tried getting free from her. She let go only to bite once again, this was how it was going to end. Erik felt himself start to spill away; he had lost too much blood.
“Christine?” said a familiar voice
Erik vision was blurry, but he could make out the man’s figure; it was Raoul and Meg, they had survived the attack from the opera populaire. He pointed his shotgun at Christine ready to aim.
Christine’s body collapsed onto Erik.
“Raoul, why didn’t you shoot her in the head?” Meg whispered
He pointed his gun at Erik, who embraced Christine and gently kissed her pale lips.
“I’ll take care of everything, once he passes away” Raoul said softly
“Christine, I love y-“Erik said with his last breathe before his eyes rolled back

~ The End~

Weight Management

So I had my first phone conference with a doctor who will help me with my weight loss goals; she’s really confident that I’ll be able to get to my goal of 120 and someday 96lbs. We talked about different methods and I told her I’d prefer counting calories and portion control. She’ll be calling me in two week’s to see how everything went.

Spirit Animal: Eagle

In October a friend of mine who is a Wiccan Priestess, told me that my spirit animal is an Eagle. At first I was really confused and didn’t really know what she meant until I looked up the meaning. People who’s spirit animal is an Eagle are wise, loyal, courageous, faithful, free spirited, independent, insightful, powerful and leaders. Which I could really relate to and made me feel good that my spirit animal was the Eagle.

“In Native American lore eagles are represented in numerous artifacts and legends. It is sometimes referred to as the Thunderbird and is present throughout North American Indian legends. Its feathers were given as great prizes, and some tribes considered it to be the Great Spirit itself. It was said that if you saw an eagle while you were praying or participating in a ceremony, your prayers would be answered. Some tribes believed that the eagle carried prayers directly to the great creator and so used their feathers in a great number of healing ceremonies.

In Celtic and Gaelic cultures Eagles were often depicted as protectors, symbolized courage, and were revered for their powers of sight. Two Eagles are said to protect the tomb of King Arthur, and Eagles are sometimes associated with the Death God Beli.”

*New Mutation* Chimera (Lioden)

Since I started college last August, my friends and I would often talk about Chimeras and how they were interesting since they are basically there own twin. The mutation is still relatively new; This extremely rare and interesting genetic condition.This anomaly is thought to be caused by the absorption, or fusing, of twins before they are born. This would cause the chimera to carry two sets of DNA in their body. One set of their DNA and one that would have been their twin’s DNA. This second set of DNA can show up anywhere in the body. A second, distinct set of DNA may be present in the skin, blood, or even reproductive organs of the chimera. You might of heard or seen pictures of a cat named Venus the two faced cat who shocked the web with her unique coloring.Now imagine are lionesses giving birth to a cub who’s right side was Mongoose and other Fiery, of course they would grow up to live healthy long lives.The Chimera mutation is estimated at 98–99% sometimes showing signs of mutation other times looking completely normal with no sign of mutation.But of course this would make the chance of getting a mutation a lot easier; the chance of Chimera would be lowered to 25 percent.

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Farm Fresh To You

I recently joined Farm Fresh To You, which  is a subscription Community Supported Agriculture provider of organic produce based in Capay Valley, California. I ordered a small box which included Fuji Apples,Gold Beets,Green Kale,Kiwis,Navel Oranges, Romaine Lettuce, Spring White Onions and Sweet Potatoes. My first order cost me only $11.00 and after that it will cost me $26.00, if you use my friend code  AMAN3365 you’ll receive ten dollars off your first order.


So I have some exciting news, My family and I will be going to Disneyland this October for 4 days, we’ll be going during Halloween to see the special events. I’ve never seen Disneyland during Halloween, but I went last June and December which was really fun. I’ve estimated that the vacation cost will be around $700, which isn’t bad since I sent about $900 in June.

First blog post

Obviously this is my first post, and I’d like to thank you for checking out my blog. I’m mostly going to post about daily events, fan fictions and just random things. So yeah…that’s about it for my first post and once again I’d like to thank you once again for taking time out of your busy day to check out my blog.